Disability reportable incidents

The reportable incidents scheme commenced on 3 December 2014.

Part 3C of the Ombudsman Act 1974, requires the Ombudsman to keep under scrutiny the systems of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) and funded providers for preventing, handling and responding to, reportable incidents involving people with disability who live in supported group accommodation. The definition of a ‘funded provider’ includes any organisation receiving financial assistance under the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 to provide supports and services for people with disability living in supported group accommodation. This can include, for example, service providers (funded under the Disability Inclusion Act) that provide supported accommodation, day program or other supports or services for people with disability who live in supported group accommodation. Disability supported group accommodation includes any accommodation where at least two people with disability are living together (with some exceptions) and support is provided on site (including respite services).

The Secretary of FACS, or head of a funded provider, must give the Ombudsman notice, within 30 days, of a reportable incident of which the Secretary or head of a funded provider becomes aware. Forms and guidelines have been developed to assist FACS and funded providers meet their obligations.

Our role under the new scheme is to oversee investigations undertaken by FACS or FACS funded providers into reportable incidents and to determine whether appropriate action has been taken as a result of the investigation.

Reportable incidents
Forms and guidelines

For further information about the obligation to notify the NSW Ombudsman of reportable incidents contact our Disability Reportable Incidents Division.

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